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Over the past year I had chronic health issues involving back problems, constantly feeling “under the weather”, lack of energy, headaches and stomach irritation. I went to several specialists and each one said that nothing was wrong with me! I knew something had to be wrong – I simply was not myself! At last I found Dr. Jacobs! She listened to each and every one of my health issues, and with loads of patience worked with each one to help me recover. I am now doing so much better with handling the issues with my stomach, headaches, allergies, and back. Having a Doctor that has listened and put forth great effort to assist me has been a wonderment. Thank you Dr. Jacobs!
- Leyla G.

Doctor Jacobs and her staff are amazing. She truly cares about her patients and believes in power of the mind and the ability to heal thyself.

Unlike a lot of chiropractors, Dr Jacobs doesn't force your spine into place, but instead uses a more gentle technique that people who are Chiro-adverse will find comforting.

She also provides holistic nutritional support, and can test you for allergies, toxins, and vitamin deficiencies. Her office offers a large range of vitamin and nutritional support programs (at the same price or  less than retail prices).

Her support and care have made getting healthy, quitting smoking, and eating right less like hell and more like heaven.

Finally, she practices what she preaches and it shows. She radiates
health and the joy of positive living.

She's a true gem in the city.

- bc n.

"I first met Dr. Nancy Jacobs about 15 years ago when I injured my back and my personal trainer recommended her and told me that Nancy was the best. Truer words were never said.

Nancy listens well, is cautious, and not only fixed my back, but showed me exercises so as no not have the same problems arise.
I have scoliosis of the spine, which means I need to see Nancy a few times a year. I always leave her office feeling 100 times better than when I walked in. And if I diligently followed the exercises she gives me, I'd probably need less visits.

Nancy herself loves dance and fitness and understands how the body works and is also knowledgeable about nutrition and supplements. She's one of the kindest, nicest and most caring people I have ever met, as well as a great chiropractor."

  • Service Category: Doctor
  • Year first hired: 1997 (hired more than once)
  • Top Qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert

- Candice S.

Two weeks ago, in Riverside Park a guy smashed into my bike from behind. I fell off backwards and banged my head hard. I'm very grateful I was wearing a helmet. Nevertheless, by that evening I had trouble lifting my head. I called Dr. Nancy, who has been my chiropractor for years. Though she was getting ready to leave for the day, she told me to come in. She's that kind of doctor. To make a long story short, I had whiplash and pretty severe pain in my neck and lower back. She used a combination of hot compresses, her amazing percussive tool to ease some of the muscular tension and gave me adjustments. I went back twice that week and twice the following week. Two weeks later, I have no pain at all in my neck and my back is almost better. Dr. Nancy looks at her patients holistically, asks a lot of questions, and spends all the time you need. The office is attractive with great photographs of dancers and lovely colors in the treatment rooms. The atmosphere is friendly and professional. Dr. Nancy is not just a chiropractor, she’s a healer.

- Laurie W.

Dr. Jacobs is an excellent chiropractor. I have been to many over the years in several states. I feel very lucky to have found her. She is the first chiropractor I have ever seen who uses non force methods to adjust my spine. She is affordable and takes my crappy insurance! She has some excellent advice about nutrition and supplements but doesn't push it on you. She is caring and fun, always in a good mood. Rosemary, her office manager is great too. These ladies are terrific and I highly recommend Dr. Jacobs to anyone looking for relief from pain.

- Meggie M.

Dr. Jacobs has been my chiropractor for decades and has helped me through various neck and back crises. Most dramatically, several years ago, in addition to back trouble, different parts of my body felt achy and some my joints began to swell.  I was tested for autoimmune diseases. I tried acupuncture. Nothing helped.  Dr. Jacobs did a nutritional evaluation and put me on an anti-inflammatory/elimination diet. She had suspected for some time that I might have a wheat intolerance and sure enough she was right.  She adjusted my diet and gave me some nutritional supplements and I felt better within a few weeks. It felt miraculous, but it was her excellent detective work. I can't recommend her highly enough.

- Roz

Just a note to thank Dr Nancy for her amazing treatment and magic new equipment. She took care of my shoulder problem after just one visit without any exercise! In fact the day after my treatment it was as if I never had any pain at all. I can reach across and behind with no problem. Dr Nancy you are the best!

- Simone

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